12/28/2012 01:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jessica Alba's Pedicure Flip-Flops Aren't Exactly Supermarket-Appropriate (PHOTO)

It happens to the best of us: you head to the salon for a pedicure, then you realize you've got all these other errands to run. What's a girl to do?

If you're Jessica Alba, you just woman up and wear those disposable foam flip-flops to the grocery story. Stars: they're just like us!

Alba was spotted in Whole Foods on Thursday, perusing the wine section (again, just like us) and walking out with several stuffed bags. She looked lovely in a black sweater with a trompe l'oeil collar and black pants, but her bright yellow shoes stood out.

It's a subject of debate in our office whether wearing disposable pedicure sandals in public is even acceptable: on the one hand, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do; on the other hand... ew. In any event, we're just glad for Jessica's sake that she lives in sunny L.A. Wear flip-flops like that out in New York City these days and your toes will freeze.


jessica alba pedicure flipflops

At least she wasn't wearing these...

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