12/28/2012 10:54 am ET

Mario Batali: Gordon Ramsay Said He'd Return The Spotted Pig Trademark To Me

Could Mario Batali and Gordon Ramsay's storied feud end soon?

Despite Ramsay's aggressive posturing in the Daily Mail earlier this week, it appears so. Or at the very least, it looks like the two celebrity chefs, who both own restaurants around the world and have starred on multiple TV shows, headed for some sort of detente.

In an interview with Eater Vegas yesterday, Mario Batali revealed that Gordon Ramsay told him he would gives the UK rights to the Spotted Pig trademark to its rightful owners -- him, chef April Bloomfield and restaurateur Ken Friedman. (To refresh your memory: in November, Ramsay acquired the rights to use the name of a New York gastropub co-owned by Batali for a restaurant of his own in the U.K., and was was roundly criticized for doing so.) Batali continued:

It didn't make him look great but if he did the right thing, which is what he's doing, just letting them have it, then he's cool. It's was like, whoops, pal, not fuck you. He's a really smart and very cool dude who has a lot of shit going on.

Is our vision going, or did Mario Batali just call Gordon Ramsay "a really smart and very cool dude"?

It's not exactly the Treaty of Versailles, but it's certainly surprising coming from a person who's been fighting on and off with Ramsay since at least 2009.



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