12/28/2012 11:16 am ET Updated Feb 27, 2013

NBC Wants Matt Lauer, Ann Curry To Have Lunch Together: Daily News

NBC is trying to get Matt Lauer and Ann Curry to publicly lunch together as a way of boosting Lauer's tattered popularity, the New York Daily News reported on Friday.

2012 has not been an especially good year for Lauer's public image. (His new, $25 million contract probably made it a decent enough year for him personally.) TMZ says that he's being heckled with abuse in the street about Curry, whose ouster from the "Today" team in June has been an unrelenting PR disaster for Lauer and NBC.

The Daily News wrote that, like a PR team for married celebrities whose union is on the skids, NBC wants a show of public unity from Lauer and Curry. The two have had a couple of notably awkward on-air interactions since Curry shifted to a reporting role for the network, but they have not been seen in any lighthearted setting.



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