12/30/2012 01:25 pm ET Updated Dec 31, 2012

Best Chicago Pictures Of 2012 (PHOTOS)

2012 was the year that drove Chicagoans into the streets and, come what may, to the voting booths -- well, at least as far as non-primary elections go.

It was the year many of us celebrated making history -- again. It was the year we took cover. We stood back in awe and tried to keep cool. We goofed up. We scratched our heads. And we paused to reflect on a seemingly never-ending nightmare.

As we looked back on the year of news here at HuffPost Chicago, we decided against relying on yet another top 10 list to attempt to tell the story of 2012 in Chicago. Instead, we are telling that story visually -- through photos submitted by our readers as well as some of our favorite iconic images from the year in local news.

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Best Chicago Photos Of 2012