12/31/2012 06:37 am ET Updated May 15, 2013

Anthony Bourdain Revisits 'Kitchen Confidential' (PHOTOS)

Anthony Bourdain made his name in the literary world with the remarkably frank yet humorous memoir Kitchen Confidential. It became a NYT bestseller, and gave the now-former chef a new career as a personality, later on TV in a series of the same name.

The book originally came out in 2000, and was revisited a few years later for an Updated Edition. Ever one to remix the leftovers, Bourdain has now revisited it again for a mass-market paperback "Insiders Edition" in which he makes notes on more than 50 of the pages, updating, correcting and even apologizing at times for his views at the time.

The methodology is curiously endearing. We've never seen a revised edition quite like it.

Here's some pages from the new, updated, scrawled-upon edition. Hit "Fullscreen" in the top right of the slideshow to see larger images of the pages.

Anthony Bourdain's Return To 'Kitchen Confidential'