12/31/2012 07:56 am ET Updated Dec 31, 2012

Erno The Inferno, Detroit DJ, Shares His New Year's Eve Party Playlist To Get People Dancing (AUDIO)

If you haven't been to Detroit's Woodbridge Pub on a Monday night, you're missing out.

For the last four years, DJs Erno the Inferno and Eastside Jon have been starting each week off right with Slow Jams, where they spin pretentious-free vinyl with one goal only: getting people up and shaking it on the dance floor.

So we thought there would be no one better to ask for advice on making a mix for New Year's Eve that's guaranteed to keep people dancing all night long. Ernie Guerra, better known as Erno the Inferno, took us step-by-step through a perfect playlist. Here's what Guerra had to say:

In my opinion the perfect party is full of rich melodies with loads of tempo changes. Just as you experience a night out, the music should follow. There are highs and lows, drastic changes and even some bumps along the road. We are all human and whoever is playing the music should add the human touch that they have.

The tracks I selected are from my personal record crate. I have found that these are always sure to get people moving on the dance floor. You don't have to always know the track you are hearing. My goal is to make you love the feel of a song whether or not you are familiar with the artist.

Listen to Erno the Inferno's mix on Spotify, and scroll down to see why he picked each booty-shaking jam. Fair warning: don't play this at work unless your boss doesn't mind a little midday dancing.

1.Tom Browne, "Funkin' for Jamaica"
"Undeniable drum and bass funky combo. Guaranteed to get anyone with a pulse on their feet."

2. Ashford & Simpson, "Don't Cost You Nothing"
"See number one. Great vocals and piano stabs."

3. LCD Soundsystem, "All My Friends"
"I heard this when the ball dropped two years ago and this one lit the dance floor on fire. Big Man Restless was the DJ. Good Lord a play on NYE will make you think differently about this track."

4. Holy Ghost!, "Some Children"
"For some reason the background vocals remind me of a Christmas choir. Also Michael McDonald sings the hook, which brings an old flavor to modern electronic music."

5. Nu Shooz, "I Can't Wait"
"The intro can be dropped at anytime and anyone will know what it is. A true '80s classic."

6. Newcleus, "Jam on It"
"This track reminds me of spending Christmas with my family in Southwest Detroit. My cousin was a freestyle DJ in the late '80s and we would have a Christmas party on Christmas Eve that would fill my grandmother's house with 100 people dancing and shouting to this track."

7. Debbie Deb, "When I Hear Music"
"The most popular Freestyle track of all time. Everyone knows the words and you can't just sit there and sing along without moving. You Look Dumb."

8. The System, "You Are in My System"
"This is the perfect track to dance with a partner while singing all the words to them. So sexy."

9. The Whispers, "Keep on Lovin' Me"
"This has an amazing bass line and rides you like a roller coaster. I have heard several edits of this track but none compare to the original."

10. Robin S, "Show Me Love"
"This track is a classic house jam that has enough of a popular flare that gets people up out of their seats. Ain't no half steppin'."

Bonus Track: Slow Hands, "Auld Lang Syne"
"This is one of the most clever edits I have ever heard. This can be played when the ball drops and will lead you right into a hyped up dance party. I saw it last year in action on NYE played by Steven Robert of T&A."

Not throwing a party this New Year's? You can still listen to Erno the Inferno's playlist to get ready for a night out. Below, check out the best New Year's Eve parties in and around Detroit to ring in 2013 -- including Slow Jams.

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