12/31/2012 04:38 pm ET Updated Dec 31, 2012

Lake Jackson Ice Rescue Almost Turns Tragic (VIDEO)

A frozen rescue at an icy California lake almost turned tragic when many of the people attempting to help the first victim also fell in the water.

Instead, the incident made for one hysterical video

The incident began on Christmas day when one man sledding on Lake Jackson, a largely frozen lake in Wrightwood, Calif., fell into the water, inspiring onlookers to come to his aid, the Telegraph reported.

Then, as each would-be rescuer rushed to lend a hand, he or she also fell into the icy water, WPTV-TV reported.

Eyewitnesses Mickey and Michelle Herman captured the entire scene on video. Michelle said she knew things were bad right after the first ice sledder fell into the lake.

"We saw his arms flail. Someone said 'He can't swim' and it just turned into panic," Michelle Herman said according to AOL Travel UK.

Mickey added: "It was hard to watch, it really was. We saw that guy go under three times and the third time, we didn't think he was coming back up."

Mickey did run to his car for rope, but the 25-foot-long one he had was short by about 7 feet, he said. Meanwhile, other good samaritans tried throwing ropes and inner tubes to other people who were also trying to rescue the people in the water, CBS News Los Angeles reported.

About eight minutes after the first man fell in the lake, a man on a sled was able to pull him out, and help the other victims.



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