12/31/2012 01:42 am ET

'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta': Phaedra And Cynthia Join Their Husbands At A Strip Club (VIDEO)

On "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Phaedra and Cynthia were trying to figure out their husbands' fascination with strip clubs. The men regularly frequented them, so their wives decided to join them for one memorable experience. And it certainly was.

"It’s beautiful to me to see women of this age enjoying and celebrating their nude bodies," Phaedra said. "Scrumptious!"

After spending some time with the girls carousing around the club, Cynthia's husband Peter remarked, "If you guys wanted to turn me off from coming to strip clubs, it worked!"

One amusing point had Cynthia wondering about the women on stage -- many were middle-aged and somewhat overweight. "Are these the stippers or can anybody go up there?" she asked. In looking at the women, her husband couldn't honestly answer.

The unexpected twists and turns keep coming on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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