12/31/2012 04:07 pm ET Updated Mar 02, 2013

Most Popular Miami Stories Of 2012 (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

It's been a wild year in the Magic City -- to that your HuffPost Miami editors will attest.

We finally learned about the infamous half-headed man, were baffled by randy 6-year-old rappers, documented Red Lobster dates, and published a lot of animal encounters. We even got angry.

But none of these news items, as strange and weird and wonderful as they may be, made our 2012 top 10. You can probably guess which story was Miami's biggest of the year -- and if you also guessed that it technically took up seven of the top 10 spots, well, you'd be right about that, too. With big events combined, here are the most popular stories of 2012 on HuffPost Miami:



HuffPost Miami's Top-Clicked Stories Of 2012