01/01/2013 04:42 pm ET

Harry Styles Crying Video: One Direction Member Breaks Down In Interview Over Internet Hate

Full disclosure: this video's an oldie. It was released last November as part of iTV's "One Direction: Year In The Making" special, but we're seeing it circulating on the Tumblrverse and Twitterverse again today -- likely tied to the fact that fans are going crazy over the news that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were spotted kissing on New Year's Eve.

Directioners also propelled #WeRespectHaylor to trend worldwide on Twitter in response to some of the hateful reactions coming from the fandom.

Judging by Harry's weepy moment in the above video (over a performance fumble and subsequent Internet hate), perhaps fans are right to worry about bringing the band's resident "bad boy" to tears. He's clearly a sensitive soul.

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