01/02/2013 02:22 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Abby Conder, Horse Owner, Says Her Miniature Ponies Were Sexually Abused

There seems to be nothing Abby Conder can do to keep her horses safe.

The Summerfield, Fla. miniature pony owner told WESH her horses have been repeatedly brutalized and raped even after she bought a guard dog and installed security cameras.

"They are tied in the corner to the fence where they have been abused and been tortured,” Conder said.

The distraught owner gave further details about the assault to CNN.

"[The horse] had been raped both by a man and by several objects," Conder said. "The horse looked like they put her whole bottom through a garbage disposal."

Conder said she bought a dog bought to protect the horses, but the pooch was beaten to death during one of the attacks.

On Saturday, cameras caught footage of an unidentified suspect, which Conder hopes will lead to an arrest.

"If I catch this man in this barn taking out another one of my horses, I will come down and I will kill him," Conder said.



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