01/02/2013 02:15 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2013

Tasting Table's Top Three Miami Restaurant Finds: December 2012

Each month, HuffPost Miami joins our friends at Tasting Table to highlight our favorite finds from Miami's culinary scene. Here's what caught Tasting Table Miami editor Trina Sargalski's eye in December.

Edible Holiday Gifts
We found unique and delicious gifts for every kind of food lover at Thousand Pound Egg in Fort Lauderdale, including vinegars that can be used in cocktails.

An Exclusive Hedy Goldsmith Recipe
Hedy Goldmith recasts traditional coconut macaroons with cardamom and ginger. She shared her simple recipe for the irresistible treats with Tasting Table.

Hangover Food
Sometimes a jolt of salty, rich food is needed the day after a holiday celebration. We suggest three dishes for recovery brunch at Florida Cookery, Mozart Café and Delicias de España--even if brunch is at 3 p.m.