01/02/2013 12:19 pm ET

NYPD Evidence Stored In Red Hook, Greenpoint Warehouses Destroyed By Hurricane Sandy

Among the many properties affected by Hurricane Sandy are two NYPD warehouses storing crucial police evidence including DNA material needed for criminal trials.

The New York Times reports water and raw sewage seeped into the large warehouses located in Red Hook and Greenpoint during the storm, potentially destroying thousands of barrels of evidence.

Both Brooklyn neighborhoods experienced severe flooding damage during the storm.

The NYPD first acknowledged the damage back in November.

The Erie Basin Auto Pound, located in Red Hook is believed to have stored seized vehicles including 968 cars and SUVs, 708 motorcycles, and three boats.

The NYPD Kingsland Avenue Warehouse in Greenpoint held hundreds of bicycles and 1,000 barrels of criminal evidence.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said the tainted pieces of evidence have forced police officials to officially testify that evidence needed in at least six recent criminal trials existed but was unavailable.

Legal aid lawyers now fear that when planning their cases, they won't know what evidence the prosecutions possesses.

A defendant is currently appealing his conviction after jurors found him guilty of robbery and attempted assault after a judge allowed testimony on his jacket and boots, both of which could not be produced because they had been destroyed in the warehouse.