01/02/2013 06:15 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Paz Vega's Birthday: 37 Of Her Best Photos To Celebrate Her 37 Years (PHOTOS)

Paz Vega

When we talk about one of the biggest Latina actresses on the Latin American silver screen, the name Paz Vega is always part of the equation. With more than 15 years in and out of the United States, the Spanish actress has walked steadily towards fame and success, soon to become an important figure within the U.S. film industry.

Born Paz Campos Trigo, she was raised in Spain. Mother of three, and married to Venezuelan Orson Salazar, she took her first steps in acting in 1996 on popular Spanish films. She became better known for her roles in “Sólo mía” and “Lucía y el sexo”, for which she won a Goya award.

Later on, Vega also participated on “Hable con ella,” directed by the legendary Pedro Almodovar, catching the attention of Hollywood executives. In 2004 she crossed over to the American film industry, joining the cast of “Spanglish” along with comedian Adam Sandler. Since then she has starred in several movies, including “Castro’s Daughter”, “The Spirit” and “Not Forgotten.”

Her youthful personality and sexy anatomy, have also allowed her to become an ambassador for several international brands, as well as place her on the covers of several renowned fashion magazines, like Glamour, Vogue and ELLE.

Today Vega celebrates her 37th birthday, and what better way to honor her than showing 37 of her best pictures? See the images above and tell us which one is your favorite. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Paz Vega!