01/02/2013 02:41 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

White Horse Inn, Recreational Marijuana Club In Colorado, Closes Day After Opening

Talk about a half-baked business plan.

The White Horse Inn, one of two recreational marijuana clubs that opened in Colorado this week, is closing its doors after just a few hours of doing business, the Denver Post reports. The club lost its lease after it opened ahead of schedule on Monday in an effort to become the first club of its kind in the state.

Patrons at the White Horse Inn were free to smoke their own joints under Amendment 64, which passed last year in Colorado legalizing recreational marijuana use in private establishments.

After the club's first day in business, owner Paul Lovato posted on the club’s Facebook page, "Wow guys! Today was a blast and a blur!" according to CBS Denver.

The club’s peer, Club 64, may be hoping for greater longevity after its grand opening later the same day. Instead of having a central location, the club will meet at various venues throughout the year hosting members who pay a $29.99 admission fee.



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