01/03/2013 04:30 pm ET Updated Feb 07, 2013

'Breaking Bad' Final Season: Vince Gilligan Gives Update On Writing Last Episodes


When the first half of "Breaking Bad's" final season ended in September, the AMC meth drama's creator Vince Gilligan admitted in an interview with HuffPost TV's Maureen Ryan that the prospect of guiding the show towards its endgame had him in a state of "terror." He compared the writing process to a "chess game," and stressed that although his writing staff had an idea about where the show was going and certain signposts established to guide them there, they were still filling in plot developments and were "always open to something better that may come along."

In a new interview with Vulture, Gilligan provided an update on his team's writing process, and reflected in broad, philosophical terms on Walter White's ultimate fate, his looming showdown with Hank, and the pressure to deliver the satisfying conclusion his series deserves.

Gilligan said the finale won't veer into vague "Sopranos" territory, and he confirmed that despite Bryan Cranston's wishes, there won't be a "Breaking Bad" movie. “Rightly or wrongly, there will be a conclusive ending. Our story from the beginning has been designed to be close-ended. It’s very much designed to have a beginning, middle, and end and then to exist no more," he told Vulture.

Gilligan also has wistfully been wishing he'd paid more attention to how his "X Files" co-writers skillfully wrapped up that series. He acknowledged to Vulture that the finale will be polarizing, but he's hoping the majority of fans will be satisfied with how the show ends. “You don’t want 10 percent to say it was great and 90 percent to say it sucked ass. You want those numbers to be reversed.”

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"Breaking Bad" returns to AMC for its final season in the summer of 2013.

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