01/03/2013 01:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bronson Pelletier Pees At LAX (VIDEO, NSFW)

Talk about an embarrassing leak. A video of "Twilight" actor Bronson Pelletier urinating inside LAX airport has surfaced on YouTube, and the footage flies in the face of the actor's adamant denials that his "peeing" incident never occurred.

Pelletier, who plays a member of the wolf pack in the "Twilight" films, was reportedly arrested Dec. 17 for public intoxication at the airport. He allegedly created a disturbance while boarding, and authorities escorted him off the plane to allow him to catch another flight. But officers were called to the scene again when Pelletier allegedly relieved himself at his new gate. He was arrested and released shortly afterward.

The actor denied the urination allegations to TMZ, claiming, "No peeing, actually. Peeing did not happen." Pelletier also protested the TMZ producer's description of his drunken behavior, saying, "I'm not a big drinker myself, to be honest."

Now that the video is out there, Pelletier's denials are looking a little weak.

Celebrity news site Hypervocal notes that Pelletier is now the third celebrity to recently urinate in a plane or airport. French superstar Gerard Depardieu made headlines in August 2011 when he relieved himself onboard an Air France Plane. Earlier that month, U.S. ski team member and Olympic hopeful Robert "Sandy" Vietze urinated on a little girl during a JetBlue flight.

Alcohol seems to have played a role in all three cases.

WATCH (warning: slightly NSFW):



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