01/03/2013 08:20 am ET

Exploring All 36 Possible Super Bowl XLVII Matchups

The Giants forced everyone to work a lot harder to come up with Super Bowl storylines when they were eliminated from the playoffs.

Not only are the Giants conveniently located across the bridge from the headquarters of practically everyone, but they come pre-packaged with easy-to-pitch story hooks. Think of the prefabricated column/feature ideas the Giants denied us when they got hammered by the Falcons and Ravens in back-to-back weeks: Giants-Patriots, or Coughlin versus Belichick III (this time, it’s monotonous); Giants-Ravens, a rematch of the Worst Super Bowl Ever; Giants-Colts, a rematch of the Greatest Game Ever Played (as selected by people who don’t count anything that happened after 1958). And of course, the godfather of them all: Manning versus Manning in the birthplace of Mannings, a story so dense that light itself would not be able to escape its event horizon.

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