01/03/2013 04:29 am ET Updated Jan 03, 2013

'Hot In Cleveland': Joy Dumps Her 'Brony' Boyfriend, Freeing Him Up To Connect With Heather Locklear (VIDEO)

Joy's handsome firefighter boyfriend (Eddie Cibrian) revealed a surprising side to himself on the latest "Hot in Cleveland." First, she had to contend with five "Star Trek" movies in a row. It turns out her boyfriend is a bit of a geek. But when he convinced her to dress up and join him at a convention, she didn't expect his costume.

He showed up dressed as one of the ponies from "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic." He then explained to her all about "Bronies" and their culture and love of the cartoon series and its associated characters. It all proved a bit much for Joy, who dumped him on the spot.

That made him newly single when he had to rescue Melanie's boss Chloe (Heather Locklear) from the window ledge. She and Melanie had chased her cat out there before the boss realized she was terrified of heights. While there, Chloe learned that Melanie and her ex had begun seeing one another, and came to terms with the end of her former relationship.

This freed Melanie up to openly date her boss' ex -- who gave her her dream Parisian date -- and the boss was carried away in the strong arms of her Brony.

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