01/03/2013 02:06 pm ET Updated Jan 04, 2013

Jennifer Granholm Leaving Current TV Political Show, 'The War Room'

Michigan's former governor might be starting a new job hunt this winter.

Jennifer Granholm announced Wednesday that she would be leaving her show on Current TV following news of the progressive station's sale to Al Jazeera. She is a frequent HuffPost blogger.

Granholm hosted the left-leaning political show, "The War Room," which debuted in early 2012. She shared the news of her departure on Facebook:

We were told today that Al Jazeera is the buyer for Current TV. My agreement with Current was for the duration of the election (and the sale). It has been a very fun adventure; we are blessed with a wonderful team. We'll continue to broadcast The War Room for the next few weeks through the transition, but after that I'll be going back to teaching, speaking and other things. Thanks to all of you who have been watching, and especially thanks to those who helped achieve a key goal: helping to re-elect the president!

According to the Detroit News, Granholm, who served as Michigan's governor from 2003 to 2010, resigned from Dow Chemical Co.'s board of directors in 2011, as well as ending other commitments, to take the job at Current TV.

After the sale of Current TV to the media company based in Doha, Qatar, Time Warner Cable took Current TV off the air. Al Jazeera plana to create a news network in the U.S. and the Current TV acquisition will expand their reach into 40 million homes.



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