01/03/2013 06:50 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Jodi Arias Trial: Travis Alexander Told Arias He Was 'Nothing More Than A Dildo'

Testimony continued to get heated during day two of Jodi Arias' murder trial Thursday, when a prosecution witness read an alleged message in court, in which the victim said he felt like a sex toy.

"I was nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat for you," Travis Alexander told Arias in a Facebook message, according to Mesa police detective Esteban Flores.

Flores statement came just hours after the detective told the jury that Alexander had sent emails to Arias calling her a "slut" and a "whore."

Arias, a 32-year-old photographer from Yreka, Calif., is accused of killing Alexander.

Alexander was found dead on June 9, 2008, inside his standup shower. Advanced decomposition suggested he had been dead for several days. Authorities determined Alexander had been shot in the right brow with a .25-caliber gun and stabbed 27 times before his throat was cut from ear to ear.

Earlier on Thursday, the jury heard a recording of an interview between Arias and Flores.

During the interview, Arias said she had dated Alexander for about five months.

"[We] tried to remain friends ... We were intimate but I would not say romantic as far as a relationship goes," Arias said in the recording.

The sexual undertone of the trial surfaced early on day one, when Arias' attorney, Jennifer Willmott, said during opening statements that Alexander had pressured Arias into having sex with him. Willmott further alleged that Alexander told her that because of his Mormon faith, anal and oral sex was not as big of a sin as vaginal sex.

Willmott claimed Arias was a victim of domestic violence and killed Alexander in self-defense. Prosecutors contend it is a case of cold blooded murder.

The trial was adjourned Thursday after testimony by a crime scene investigator. Court is scheduled to resume on Tuesday.

If convicted, Arias could face the death penalty.



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