01/03/2013 06:49 pm ET Updated Jan 04, 2013

Meredith Vieira Drops S-Bomb In 'Today' Slipup (VIDEO)

Meredith Vieira filled in for Kathie Lee Gifford on the fourth hour of Thursday's "Today," and it didn't take long for her to slip up and create a memorable live TV moment.

Pivoting off a debate about whether Hoda Kotb may have said "sh*t" on the air Wednesday, Vieira went back to the "Today" video archives to share a "sh*t" slipup of her own. In the archival footage, Vieira dropped the "s-bomb" in frustration while playing a driving video game.

But the word was clearly still on Vieira's mind when "Today" came back from commercial break a few minutes later. With a drink in one hand and notecard in the other, Vieira seemed surprised to be back live on the air so quickly, and accidentally let out a flustered “Oh Sh*t!” Oops."

Her colleagues were delighted at the gaffe. Al Roker raised his arms in triumph, and Hoda smiled, sighed and said, "Just put it on Gawker immediately."

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