01/03/2013 05:45 pm ET

NYC Pothole Repair Crew: Tumblr Video Profiles City's 'Pothole Gang' (VIDEO)

In a city clogged with some of the worst traffic in the nation, it's no surprise New York City employs an army of diligent workers to ensure roads are ready for the daily grind.

A new video created by the folks at Tumblr provides an inside look into a day in the life of these transportation workers, or the "pothole gang" as they prefer to call themselves, as they rise early in the morning, racing to repair potholes and road damage before cars hit the road. From Tumblr:

Does it get tiring? Sure. But in a city that’s always moving, roadway repair is crucial. On a good day, the team might fill 4,000 potholes. In an average week, they could resurface 100,000 square yards of road. After Hurricane Sandy, their crews removed 2,500 tons of debris.