01/04/2013 09:41 am ET Updated Jan 04, 2013

Ariel Winter's New School: 'Modern Family' Actress To Attend LA High School

It looks like "Modern Family" star and recently christened tabloid princess Ariel Winter is at last seeing brighter days following her recent family drama.

Winter, 14, is reportedly set to become a real teenager later this month. The actress is now enrolled at a private school in the Los Angeles area, sources tell TMZ.

Sources say "Modern Family" producers are willing to accommodate Winter's school schedule when shooting the series. Winter, who has always been privately tutored, has expressed excitement about starting school, and the show's producers say they are "thrilled."

Producers also say they've noticed an upswing in Winter's mood as of late. The actress made headlines last month when she entered a custody trial after saying her mother was physically and emotionally abusing her.

Once Winter's mother, Chrisoula Workman, lost custody, the actress went to live with her adult sister, Shanelle Gray, who runs an acting studio with her husband and has appeared on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Gray has become Winter's temporary guardian, while the young actress's father and attorney have gained control of her finances, which round out to a hefty $75,000 per "Modern Family" episode. TMZ reports that a hearing to make the guardianship permanent will occur in March.

Winter's endeavors come just days after the actress was spotted enjoying her youth by going go-karting in Burbank, a sign that her custody woes are hopefully being put to rest.

Let's hope things stay on the up and up for the 14-year-old actress. Perhaps her newfound excitement can serve as a source of inspiration for the rest of the teenage world that longs to escape the strain of high school.



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