01/04/2013 08:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bon Jovi Hot: Singer Goes Shirtless On Beach (PHOTO)

Breaking news, y'all: Bon Jovi is still hot! That's right, the 50-year-old singer and wife Dorothea Hurley hit the beach in St. Barths in the early days of 2013 still looking incredibly trim and fit.

The married pair of 23 years was hit with a scare in November when their 19-year-old daughter Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, a student at Hamilton college, was hospitalized following a heroin overdose. "I'm shocked as much as the next parent with this situation and had no idea," Bon Jovi said in a statement following the incident. "Steph is a great kid. Great GPA. Cool school ... everything about it is idyllic. She was doing great, then a sudden and steep decline."

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