01/04/2013 03:05 pm ET Updated Jan 04, 2013

Beau, Springer Spaniel, Falls 120 Feet Off Cliff And Survives (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The owners of an extremely lucky dog were stunned when she survived a fall from a 120-foot cliff on New Year's Day.

Beau, a Springer Spaniel belonging to British police officer Phil Raymond and his wife, Michela, was chasing a seagull before the fall, according to the Daily Mail. The couple, on a visit a scenic coastal area near Dorset, said they expected the worst when she careened over the drop.

"She briefly looked back at me but then disappeared," Raymond told the news source. "I lay on the surface and looked over the edge and half expected to see her laying dead."

Instead, she was doggy paddling in the water. A nearby boat rushed to her aid until members of the RNLI, a lifeboat crew, came in to help the rescue.

According to the BBC, two of the institution's volunteers dove in to remove the dog from the water, then brought her up onto the lifeboat. The video above captured the dramatic rescue.

Amazingly, the 1-year-old dog made it back to her owners' arms completely unscathed, the Telegraph reported. The high tide reportedly allowed her to land straight in the water, preventing any serious injuries.

"We are extremely grateful to the lifeboat crew for getting to Beau so quickly," Michela Raymond, 44, told the Daily Mail.

Scroll through the slideshow below to view Beau safely with her family.

Dog Survives 120ft Fall Off Cliff