01/04/2013 04:51 pm ET

Kim Kardashian's Baby Will Become The 'Center Of Her Life,' Says Jerry Springer

The news that Kim Kardashian is having a baby is what everyone is buzzing about, including Jerry Springer, who says we are about to see a different side of Kardashian.

“I know about Kim’s baby and I had nothing to do with it,” Springer told The Huffington Post. “I wish her the very best of luck. Maybe spiritually I’m the father,” he added, referring to those who have said that without his show we wouldn't have the kind of reality TV that went on to make the Kardashians so famous.

“What I’ve found is that whatever is going on in life when you have a child, it just becomes the most important thing," he said. "I’m not saying she has to change. Kim has a very successful life and is a happy person and I’m not passing any judgment on her.

"She’s been incredible for what she has achieved in her chosen way of doing things. But in a sense it's the same thing with her mom, how the kids became the center of her life. That happens from generation to generation. It crosses all kinds of personalities and lifestyles.”

Springer said his New Year's resolution is once again to eat more cheeseburgers and take more naps, insisting his life has already been so blessed that he would be greedy to ask for anything more.

“I am the luckiest man in the world. I have a wonderful grandson. I’m at the park with him right now. What else could I possibly want?” he asked. “I’ve just lived this privileged life and it's not 'cause of any talent I have. It just happened and I’m very grateful. I work hard but so does the guy picking up garbage. Who is more lucky than me?”

May we suggest one person? Kim Kardashian.



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