01/04/2013 12:46 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

Louise Bourgeois's Dark Vision Reanimates A Romanesque Church In Rural France

BONNIEUX, France -- On the road out of Bonnieux, a postcard-picturesque hilltop village in the South of France with torturously narrow roads and squat stone structures, a marker at the top of a sinuous street that is simply and mysteriously marked "Ô" leads the occasional curious traveler down a steep alley. At the bottom sits the Couvent d'Ô, a former convent whose chapel has, since 2004, housed a series of sculptures created specifically for that space by Louise Bourgeois. Now known as the Louise Bourgeois Church, this peculiar project was commissioned by the convent's owner, Jean-Claude Meyer, a banker, collector, and close confidant of French president François Hollande. It remains a little-known pilgrimage site for lovers of the French-American sculptress.

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