01/04/2013 02:45 am ET Updated Jan 04, 2013

'The Big Bang Theory': Sheldon Offends Everyone, Including Guest Star Regina King (VIDEO)

Sheldon's clueless nature when it comes to human interactions wound up getting the entire gang in trouble on the latest episode of "The Big Bang Theory." He got upset when his assistant Alex flirted with Leonard, so he confronted her about it. In doing so, he told her she was unable to control her urges to reproduce, and even showed her offensive pictures of genitalia riddled with disease.

Not surprisingly, he got called into human resources to talk to guest star Regina King. There, he swiftly proceeded to make things worse with an insensitive racial comment.

"I meant that all women are slaves to their biological urges, ya know? Even you. You’re a slave," he said.

"I'm a what?" she retorted.

Sheldon then proceeded to sling mud at Leonard, Raj and Howard, leading to all of them getting reprimanded by human resources. Meanwhile, Leonard was having to assure Penny that he had no interest in Alex. All she had to do was dress up like a hot scientist, and she was all he needed. At least that's what she proved at the end with a pair of glasses.

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