01/05/2013 07:11 pm ET Updated Jan 05, 2013

Demi Lovato Twitter Break: Pop Star Takes A Breather From Social Network, Cites 'Gossip Sites' As Reason

#Lovatics across the Twitterverse let out a simultaneous "NOOOOOOO!" on Friday night when Demi Lovato sent out the following two tweets, explaining that she was going to take a break from the social network for an undetermined amount of time.

Demi was likely referring to a series of tweets she sent out on January 3, talking about the importance of friendship and communication.

"When you learn how to communicate with others, there's almost no problem you can't solve," she wrote, then added: "Only surround yourself with people who you CAN communicate with. Trust is a bond between TWO people that is found ONLY when they are able to listen/understand where the other person is coming from."

Some outlets wondered if the tweets were vaguely referencing her relationship with Wilmer Valderrama, though it's hard to say exactly what story it was that sparked Demi's decision to step away from her account.

Regardless, we'll miss @ddlovato's inspirational tweets and we're already patiently awaiting her return. Judging by the history of her young celeb Tweeting peers (cough Zayn Malik), we have a good feeling she won't be gone for long!

What do you think about Demi's decision to leave Twitter? Who is your favorite young tweeter? Sound off in the comments below or tweet @huffposteen!



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