01/07/2013 11:26 am ET Updated Jan 08, 2013

Dina Lohan Says Lindsay Lohan Is 'So Screwed Up' Because She 'Saw Her Dad Abuse Me'

Dina Lohan is speaking out in defense of her daughter Lindsay, saying that the actress is "so screwed up" because she witnessed domestic violence as a young child.

Dina made the shocking revelations of domestic abuse during an interview with reporters in Long Island, N.Y., and provided medical records to back up her claims, according to the New York Daily News. “Lindsay saw her dad abuse me — that’s why she’s so screwed up," said Dina.

Dina detailed the abuse she suffered, claiming that Michael hit her and even raped her during their 22-year union, according to the Daily News. Medical records show Dina was treated for "blunt trauma" in 1986 and went to the emergency room to report a rape in 1990. No charges were filed, but her daughter was affected. “[Lindsay] saw a lot of crazy stuff. I want the world to know the root of her problems,” she told reporters. “Lindsay saw all the beatings and all the abuse. She said, ‘Stay, mommy, don’t leave.'"

Michael tells a different story. Not only does he deny his ex-wife's allegations against him, but he has also said Dina is the one to blame for Lindsay's drug use.

"Linds should get a restraining order against Dina, she is the worst influence on Lindsay’s life, more than anyone," he told Hollywood Life. "She parties with Lindsay, broke up the family, and uses Lindsay financially.” He continued, "You just can’t stop drinking and using that much without going to rehab and detoxing. Her life and career are spiraling out of control. It’s the lowest point it’s been. She’s gotta go to rehab and resolve the differences and Dina has to come on board and stop using the kids.”

Lindsay spent New Year's Eve partying in London with her mother and friends. The "Liz & Dick" actress and Dina were photographed leaving hot spots, hotels and restaurants around the city, according to RumorFix, which "disgusted" Michael.

“I’m so disgusted that a moral and financially bankrupt mother, would check into hotels and night clubs in London, instead of a rehab with her daughter!" he told RumorFix. "But then again, neither of them have alcohol or drug problems! Wow! And where are Ali and Cody? I am so disgusted!”

Lindsay is scheduled to appear in New York City court on Monday where she will learn if a prosecutor will pursue a case against her for her alleged role in a November nightclub brawl, reports CNN.

HuffPost Celebrity reached out to Michael Lohan regarding Dina's allegations. He has yet to respond.



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