01/07/2013 03:55 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

Jesselyn Radack, John Kiriakou's Lawyer, Slams Obama's Treatment Of Whistleblowers

Jesselyn Radack, a lawyer for soon-to-be-jailed former CIA officer John Kiriakou, came on HuffPost Live Monday to discuss her client's plea deal and upcoming sentencing, and his overall treatment by the Obama administration.

"John Kiriakou should not have been prosecuted at all," Radack told host Marc Lamont Hill. "He was a whistleblower."

When asked if she thought Obama is "mounting a campaign to punish whistleblowers" Radack said, "Yes. That is exactly what's happening."

"There was an organized campaign to go after whistleblowers in the national security and intelligence fields," Radack said.

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