01/07/2013 01:10 pm ET

Kim Kardashian's Bare Nails Is The Safest Manicure For Pregnant Women (PHOTOS)

Ever since Kanye West announced Kim Kardashian as his "baby mama" at his Revel concert on Dec. 30, the entire world has been on bump watch. But as a beauty editor, my eyes have naturally been zeroing in on the reality star's hair, skin and nails.

Kim had already undergone a complete style transformation, including swapping her glitzy Hervé Léger dresses for black and white structured ensembles and easing up on the bronzer, eyeliner and hairspray, once she and Kanye started dating. However, now that the 32-year-old socialite is expecting a baby, we've also noticed that her most recent manicures are surprisingly minimal.

We first spotted Kim's bare fingertips while she and Kanye were sitting courtside at the Denver Nuggets versus Los Angeles Clippers game on Christmas Day last year. Then she appeared to not be wearing nail polish while ringing in the new year at 1 Oak nightclub in Las Vegas. And while hosting an ICED event over the weekend in Canada, Kim paired her sexy sheer outfit with, you guessed it, nude nails.

Has Kim been reading books on the potentially hazardous effects nail polish chemicals can have on a mommy-to-be? Or has she been skipping out on regular visits to the nail salon?

Whatever the inspiration behind her new nail look, "green" celebrity nail artist Jenna Hipp believes that it's important to stay away from toxic ingredients often found in nail polish anytime. Hipp cautions, "Why submit your body to certain ailments when you're not pregnant and remove them when you are? Why not stay away from them altogether?"

She explains, "Formaldehyde (causes headaches, watery eyes), Toulene (long-term exposure linked to nervous system disorders), DBP (suspected to accelerate puberty in girls, genital deformities in newborn boys), Camphor (creates skin irritations) and Formadhehyde Resin (may induce allergies) are just some of the chemicals to avoid in nail polish and beauty products," says Hipp. "Make sure your polishes are 5-free or opt for a clean, bare nail. If you're not sure, ask your manicurist or use a product you are certain about. If in doubt, look up your product on the EWG's Safe Cosmetics Database and Website."

Get an up-close look at Kim Kardashian's more demure digits in the slideshow below, plus nail polish brands that are among favorites for pregnant women.

Meanwhile, take a look back at Kim Kardashian's pre-maternity fashion choices.

Kim Kardashian's Nude Nails

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