01/07/2013 02:05 pm ET

LAUSD Increases Security After Connecticut Shooting As Students Go Back To School (VIDEO)

As thousands of children returned to LA schools Monday after winter break, many were greeted by LAPD and sheriff's deputies as a part of increased security following the Connecticut elementary school massacre.

In addition to the existing 300 police and resource officers already stationed at LAUSD high schools, an officer will now visit every elementary and middle school at least once a day at an unannounced time, the Los Angeles Times reports. And with about 600 LAUSD elementary, middle and early learning campuses, that's a lot of visits to be made.

In addition, the district is offering grief counselors to teachers, students and parents coping with anxiety following the tragedy that took place last month, ABC reports.

Metal detectors are present at some, but not all, LA middle schools, and the district has not yet said whether it will install them at the remaining schools, NBC reports.

One parent said that she is pleased with the increased security but does not want more metal detectors.

"We want to be cautious, but we don't want to change the environment so that the kid gets scared," Siamak Rouz said to ABC. "And we don't want to certainly come to the point where they have to go through a metal detector in order to go to school."



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