01/07/2013 04:50 am ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

'Mob Wives' Premiere: Renee Admits She's An Addict During Fight With Carla (VIDEO)

It didn't take long for the the fighting to start up again on the season premiere of "Mob Wives." In particular, Renee Graziano and Carla Facciolo were at each other's throats. Why the fight started wasn't nearly as interesting -- nor was it particularly clear -- as the confession Renee made during it.

After Carla repeatedly referred to Renee as a "junkie," Renee finally decided to set the record straight. "You want to sit here and call me a junkie? You absolutely have no right to call me that. I’m an addict," Renee said.

She admitted later during a confessional that she'd gotten addicted to pills after her most recent surgery. That recovery, on top of the betrayal she felt at the hands of her ex-husband, who turned FBI informant and helped take down her father, lead her into a secret addiction.

On Twitter, Renee was bashing Carla and clarifying that she is a "recovering addict" and not a "junkie."

The drama and fighting continues on Season 3 of "Mob Wives," Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.

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