01/07/2013 09:09 pm ET

Stem Cell Facelifts: The New Botox?

Botox has long been a popular option for those looking for a "refreshed" look, but now there is a new treatment that promises a shorter procedure with longer-lasting results.

The treatment utilizes a patient's stem cells, extracting the cells from existing fat and inserting them into the face.

On HuffPost Live Thursday, Eva Morales shared her experience getting a "stem cell lift," a walk-in/walk-out procedure trademarked by Dr. Nathan Newman that doesn't require anesthesia. Morales said she was astounded by how "painless" and "easy" the process was to undergo, going as far as calling it "easier than a trip to the dentist."

"Before I had the stem cell lift, I had a traditional facelift and I can tell you between the two, I would not have a regular facelift again," Morales told HuffPost Live's Caroline Modrassey-Tehrani.

But even if the procedure is relatively easy to perform, W Magazine Beauty Editor Katie Becker told HuffPost Live it's too soon to tell what the long-term effects might be.

"From my understanding, we have at least 10 more years just to see how this is playing out in patients, to get a better understanding," Becker told HuffPost Live. "Botox wears off after a number of months, where what's happening with these stem cell procedures is truly a permanent cosmetic treatment."

Paul Knoepfler, a professor of cell biology at the University of California-Davis, also joined to share his concerns with stem cell cosmetic procedures. In a HuffPost blog post, Knoepfler said the number of clinics offering for-profit, point-of-care stem cell treatments is "rapidly increasing" at a time when the FDA can't keep up with monitoring them.

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