01/07/2013 12:59 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

Valerie Trierweiler Embroiled In 'Bermuda Love Triangle' With Hollande's Ex


Hell hath no fury like a French first lady in love.

The always controversial Valerie Trierweiler is making headlines again and her latest cause célèbre delves even further into the depths of her romantic relationships. To give you a refresher, the 47-year-old gained notoriety after reportedly breaking up François Hollande's 28-year relationship with fellow politico Segolene Royal six years ago. Since then, it seems that Val hasn't quite gotten over the whole thing and is still threatened by the president's ex -- so much so that she's blocking Segolene from obtaining a cabinet post in Hollande's government, according to French tabloids.

"Ms. Royal has made it quite clear to the president that she wants a place in his government. But Ms. Trierweiler is opposed to this and is putting pressure on the president to shut the door in her face," French magazine Ici Paris reports. "He has not yet revealed his intentions, possibly because he is well aware of the complicated relations between his girlfriend and his ex-partner, and does not want to upset Ms. Trierweiler."

Of course, the two women already have political bad blood between them. Just last June, Valerie tweeted her support for Segolene's opponent in a parliamentary race, a move that Ms. Royal considered a “poisonous stab in the back.” Even Elysee Palace treads on thin ice when it comes to the two women, with an insider telling VSD magazine that it's like a "Bermude love triangle -- you can't cross it without something going wrong." Ooh la la.

We'll just have to wait and see if Valerie holds that much power over the president. Honestly, we'd totally love to see a showdown in the halls of the Elysee between the two ladies full of cigarette smoking, hair tossing and really classy French insults. Hey, at least it would take Hollande's mind off the whole Gerard Depardieu thing...

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post stated that Segolene Royal was Francois Hollande's ex-wife. The two have never been married.

See Valerie Trierweiler's style!

Valerie Trierweiler's Style

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