01/07/2013 01:26 pm ET

Why Family Travel Makes A Great Investment

People always say that education is the best investment you can make in your kids. I agree. However, people forget that your children can learn from experiences outside from school. Family travel allows kids to explore new cultures, spend quality time with their parents and expand their horizons. My parents taught me this and took my brother and I to South Africa, Russia and Europe when we were kids. I have carried on this tradition and hope my children continue it.

Traveling with children is neither easy nor cheap. But it is worth every penny. Both my kids got their passports mere weeks after they were born and boarded their first plane to Chile when they were three months old. With a little planning, the hassle of going through airport security and enduring an overnight flight can be minimized and once you arrive at your destination, it is so worth it. Worth every whine, every discomfort, every immigration line.