01/08/2013 03:49 pm ET

Aaron Murray Tweets AJ McCarron's Girlfriend Should Root For Georgia, Alabama QB Responds With Dig

Brent Musburger and Darnell Dockett weren't the only people to notice AJ McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb, during the broadcast of the BCS Championship on Monday night. Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray also caught sight of Webb, a former Miss Alabama.

To further complicate the SEC tug of war over Webb's rooting interests, Webb is an Auburn grad. Of course, McCarron doesn't seem too concerned that Webb will becoming a Bulldogs fan any time soon. A few hours after winning his second consecutive BCS Championship, McCarron pulled rank -- and No. 1 ranking -- on Murray.

In their only head-to-head matchup, Murray and McCarron were key participants in a thrilling SEC Championship Game in December. McCarron and the Crimson Tide came out on top, earning the right to throttle Notre Dame, when the clock ran out on the Bulldogs' comeback bid.

Having recently announced his decision to return to Georgia for his senior season, Murray may get a chance to earn a win over McCarron if these teams meet again in Atlanta.



Musburger Talking AJ McCarron's GF