01/08/2013 05:11 pm ET

Chuck Heath Jr., Sarah Palin's Brother, Slams American Political 'Mess,' Proposes New Party

Chuck Heath, Jr., brother of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, hinted he'd support the creation of a new political party featuring "persons of every race, religion, economic status, and whoever else is interested."

Health Jr. took to Facebook Monday to make the proposal:

"Let’s face it. As it stands now, it’s impossible to be elected to a high national office without being a part of the Republican or Democratic Party. I propose that the disgruntled citizens of the United States… Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians… persons of every race, religion, economic status, and whoever else is interested, join together and form a new party. I’d simply call it, the American Party."

Heath Jr. called America's current political system "a mess" and said it's causing the country to become "unraveled at the seams."

"The divisiveness between Republicans and Democrats seems insurmountable and it’s getting worse every day," he wrote.

He also stuck up for his sister, who he said has been "viciously attacked" because she wouldn't play the "very dirty game" of politics.

"She has always stuck to her principles and because of that, she is viewed as a threat," Heath Jr. wrote. "I’ve watched people in both major parties do everything they can to demean and destroy her."

Palin's brother isn't the first of the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate's family members to make recent headlines. Her daughter Bristol was in the news after she obtained a temporary restraining order against a man who allegedly sent her an engagement ring and a knife in the mail, and her son and sister-in-law are both going through divorces.



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