01/08/2013 04:32 am ET Updated Jan 08, 2013

'Deception' Premiere: Suspicion Arises As Det. Locasto Investigates Death Of Her Childhood Best Friend (VIDEO)

NBC is getting into the business of secrets and lies with their newest primetime soap "Deception." After the death of her childhood best friend Vivian Bowers, Detective Joanna Locasto reconnected with Vivian's family. While she was mourning the loss of someone she was once close to, she was also undercover in an investigation to find out what happened to the wealthy socialite.

Right away, there were all kinds of strange emotional reactions to the death of Vivian within the family. The most chilling was that of her mother, who didn't seem upset at all, but rather irritated. Vivian had long since gone down a dark path into drugs and alcohol, and had become a bit of a burden on the family.

There was suspicion and resentment aplenty for Joanna as well. She'd dropped out of Joanna's life so long ago that the family didn't even know she was working for the police. But Vivian's brother Edward was immediately wary of Joanna's real motive for working her way back into the family fold.

The first secret uncovered was that the youngest Bower daughter, Mia, was actually Vivian's daughter. This secret was so well kept, even Mia doesn't know.

Critical reception for the new drama has been mixed, with saying it lacks the guilty pleasure factor of ABC's similarly-themed "Revenge." The Hollywood Reporter took things a step further, simply calling it bad. But E! Online says "Deception" is one of their favorite new winter shows, and that viewers should stick around for a few weeks before ultimately deciding for themselves.

Follow the twists and turns of "Deception" by tuning in every Monday at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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