01/08/2013 02:23 pm ET

Big Fight Of The Century Doesn't Involve Much Fighting At All (VIDEO)


If half the fight is about intimidating your opponent, these two gents are experts.

But if the other half of the fight is about well, fighting, let's just say neither one of them is Muhammad Ali.

In this video, filmed in the Becco de Cotovelo complex of Sobral, Brazil, two gentlemen square off in an old-timey style battle of fisticuffs.

As the battle heats up, one man sheds his shirt and casually tosses it to a bystander. Further enraged, he hurls his hat to the ground.

After that, the "fight" gets weird.

Muscles are flexed, fingers pointed, and punches thrown -- all 10 feet apart. One man even seems to pause and pass gas 13 seconds in.

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