01/08/2013 09:02 am ET

Reusable Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag (PHOTO)

Flickr: PegandAwl

For many of us, bringing lunch to work can be a challenge. Not only does it mean a good amount of preplanning, but it also requires a trip to the grocery store and the chore of lugging tupperware around with you on your morning commute. (As if mornings weren't hard enough already.)

But, if you were to have a nice vessel to transport your homemade lunch -- like these reusable waxed canvas lunch bags -- that burden may be lightened.

We stumbled upon the reusable waxed canvas lunch bags at the Etsy store PegandAwl and we love their reference to the sad paper bag lunches of our youth (and some of our adulthood). While these bags are not as affordable as the paper variety -- costing roughly $44 before shipping -- they're definitely a lot more stylish and better for the environment.

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