01/08/2013 04:23 am ET Updated Jan 08, 2013

'The Biggest Loser': White Team Continues To Struggle, Contestants Face Sobering Health Screenings (VIDEO)

It was the dreaded Week 2 on "The Biggest Loser" Ranch. This is when many contestants start to see smaller numbers on the scale, but it became a terrifying week when they found out they were facing another red line, which means no vote. The person on the losing team with the lowest percentage of weight loss is gone immediately.

This was also the week that they dropped in to visit Dr. Huizenga, who had his usual mix of devastating and terrifying news for the contestants. Most disheartening, perhaps, was Michael's diagnosis. Dr. H told him that the arteries in his neck are like those of a man nearly 80-years old. Michael is only 34, and with a young son at home, the sobering diagnosis was the motivation he needed.

But motivation didn't prove to be enough for everyone, as the "Week 2 Curse" struck in all its vengeance. Jeff was affected the worst on Bob Harper's Blue Team. The "biggest loser" in Week 1, Jeff's weight remained unchanged in Week 2, to everyone's surprise. Luckily, his team lifted him up and he wasn't eliminated.

That onus fell to Jillian Michaels' beleagured White Team. They struggled again to work under Jillian's tough guidance. She even tried softening her approach, but it wasn't enough. In the end, Nathan shed five pounds, making him the one going home.

At home, though, he's continued to lose weight and even gained the self-confidence he needed to propose to his girlfriend. Of course, she said yes.

The weight-loss journey continues every Monday at 8 p.m. EST on NBC's "The Biggest Loser."

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