01/08/2013 06:34 pm ET

Tree Trimmer With Tequila Bottle Found Dangling Half Naked From Eucalyptus Tree (VIDEO)

A California tree trimmer was found in a compromising position Monday night, when at least 27 firefighters were called to rescue the half-naked man from a eucalyptus tree in an area near Los Angeles, Brentwood Patch reports.

Responders discovered the unidentified man suspended mid-air without his shirt and with his pants around his ankles. After the rescue, authorities discovered the tree trimmer had a tequila bottle strapped to his belt, the Associated Press reports.

According to Ryan Schultz of L.A. City Fire, the allegedly tipsy tree trimmer had lost his footing and was left hanging, about 40 feet off the ground, by a single strap wrapped around his arms and across his chest, KTLA reports.

"He was rather lethargic and said that he was tired. And I think we know why, now," Schultz told KTLA as he held a half-empty bottle of tequila.

Hired with a work crew to trim trees along a property on West Kearsarge Street, the man was first spotted by the homeowner's gardner, who noticed there was someone in the tree, KNBC reports. Firefighters received the call around 5:45 p.m. and took almost two hours to untangle the man and lower him to safety because of the heavy brush in the canyon below the eucalyptus trees.

Although authorities said the man was not seriously hurt, he was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

The California tree trimmer's rescue comes after another tree trimming accident in New Mexico, in which veteran worker Craig Benavidez was hospitalized after being shocked by a power line. The critical injury was the second freak accident to hospitalize the 52-year-old lumberman in the past six months.



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