01/09/2013 04:38 pm ET

Kanye West Wants Child To Be Musician, Not Reality Star, Friends Say

Kim Kardashian and her family have made a fortune from being reality stars; however, it's not the career choice Kanye West wants for his child with Kim.

“Kanye has a very healthy ego and thinks any child of his will carry his talented genes. He doesn't want them wasted on becoming a reality star. He sees any son or daughter of his being a great performer like himself,” a family friend of Kanye's tells The Huffington Post.

Surprisingly, Kim’s baby announcement did not follow the pattern of other big Kardashian news. Rather than selling the story to a weekly magazine, Kanye took matters into his own hands and revealed the news at one of his concerts. Additionally the couple is said to have turned down $3 million for the first images of the child.

“Kanye sees himself as a great artist. He thinks his work is very important. He has even called himself the new Michael Jackson,” one insider reveals. “He wants his child to follow in his career footsteps, not mom's.”

Friends of Kim say she doesn't care what her baby grows up to do. She just wants him or her to be happy.

A spokesperson for Kim did not return our calls for comment.



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