01/09/2013 09:21 am ET

Katy Perry, John Mayer Moving In Together?

Love is in the air and even notorious womanizer John Mayer caught the bug. The singer is so enamored with his new lady, Katy Perry, that he now reportedly wants them to move in together.

The stars' relationship was rocky at first as Mayer found it yet again hard to commit. By Christmastime, however, the two seemed inseparable. Now a source tells HollywoodLife.com that 35-year-old Mayer is all in and even wants to provide a place for Katy that's just theirs.

"John wants to take his relationship with Katy to the next level," the source said. "He has suggested to Katy that they get a place of their own. He feels like she’s the one for him and wants to commit himself fully.”

Looks like the 28-year-old "Firework" superstar, who was previously married to actor Russell Brand, has a thing for wild boys -- and manages to tame them, too!

Mayer is known for dating and breaking the hearts of numerous leading ladies, including Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, and Jessica Simpson. This time around, he seems to have found his match.

No word yet as to where the two musicians will be looking to settle in, but Mayer even went so far as to call their future home "a sanctuary," according to HollywoodLife.com. May we suggest Kimye as new neighbors?



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