01/10/2013 10:30 am ET

Daniel Day-Lewis Academy Award Nomination: Steven Spielberg On Day-Lewis' Lincoln (VIDEO)

Daniel Day-Lewis has been nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award for his portrayal of Lincoln. In this "Oprah's Next Chapter" clip, the star and "Lincoln" director Steven Spielberg sit down with Oprah and talk about the first time Spielberg heard Day-Lewis channel Abraham Lincoln's voice.

Spielberg tells Oprah that he first heard "Lincoln's voice" on an audiotape. Turns out, Day-Lewis had sent him not only a cassette tape of himself channeling Lincoln, but the actual tape recorder needed to play back the tape.

The tape recorder "was an Japanese model, 1950s, really old," says Spielberg. "You could fit it in the palm of your hand. There was a cassette in it and then there was a beautiful envelope with -- Daniel had a little piece of art on it -- it was a skull and crossbones, so only for me to open."

Steven says he was initially afraid to listen to the tape.

"I finally got the courage to hit play and I just sat and listened," he says. "And it was really a very thrilling and very promising experience that I took from this. Because I heard Abraham Lincoln speaking to me from a small Japanese recording device. It was a very, very strange paradox because here we have a 20th century technology with a 19th century man speaking to me. And it sounded like exactly as I always imagined, in my own imagination, Abraham Lincoln would sound. And I immediately called Daniel."

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