01/10/2013 07:47 am ET Updated Mar 12, 2013

Disregarding Warhol: Critics' Punchingbag Will Be Reworked Following Met Flop

This fall New York art critics barred no holds in their collective, tag team-like takedown of the Metropolitan Museum's "Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years," an examination of the Pop art patriarch's influence on contemporaneous and successive generations of artists, from Cindy Sherman and Richard Prince to Ryan Trecartin and Cory Arcangel -- New York magazine's Jerry Saltz, for instance, noted its "shallow, pandering fecklessness" and deemed it a "pseudo-extravaganza." Their point was taken, and Andy Warhol Museum director Eric Shiner will re-calibrate the exhibition before it opens in Pittsburgh next month.