01/10/2013 05:04 pm ET Updated Jan 11, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow's 2013 Diet Motto: Not Having A Diet

Enviably skinny Academy Award winner Gwyneth Paltrow is quitting. No, not her job, but rather the restrictive diet that comes with her in-the-spotlight lifestyle.

40-year-old Paltrow, mother to Moses and Apple, wrote in her website GOOP newsletter today:

Happy 2013! I am not on a detox. I am not on a diet. I know, New Year’s cleansing and all that. Not this year. Can't do it. Maybe later in the year. Maybe in the spring. So for now, I would like to continue with my pasta and cheese, but perhaps be more mindful of ingredients.

Such ingredients include avocado, beans, wild salmon, chia seeds and yes -- even chocolate, all superfoods according to Paltrow's friend Dr. Frank Lipman. "If you are going to eat pasta, why not serve it with a walnut pesto?," suggested the actress/singer. Walnuts are on the list of superfood.

This announcement comes at an interesting time, just days after news of her second cookbook broke. Titled "It's All Good," Paltrow's follow-up book to "My Father's Daughter" is slated for April of this year and is said to list 185 coffee, alcohol, dairy, sugar, shellfish, wheat, meat and soy-free recipes.

So how does this intense near-detox regime settle with Paltrow's new "live and let live (and eat well)" approach? Perhaps a little indulgence goes a long way.

Just last week the gorgeous star rocked on stage with husband Chris Martin and Jay Z at the Barclay's Center on New Year's Eve and looked healthy and happy, so... More fusilli parmigiano for us too, please!



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